RainTree Global Initiative builds intellectual environmental capacity in developing economies for global benefit.

The global environment is shared by everyone on Earth. No action is isolated to a particular region or country. Regardless of its origin, each environmental injury has consequences for every person on our planet. All species and every habitat are valuable resources to be treasured. We must all work toward the protection of our planet and its fragile ecosystems, which provide us with the very source of our survival. To do anything less places our global population at risk of unprecedented consequences and degrades the quality of life for us all.

This is why RainTree Global Initiative is committed to empower young leaders to work toward creating a new paradigm of environmental behavior on a global scale. Ours is a sustained effort to bring about innovation not previously known through distance learning education; a connected and interactive global network of emerging environmental leadership — inspired intellectual and technical capacity to work toward the enrichment of our shared experience by improving the environment in the world’s most vulnerable places for the health of our planet, and the health of every person and all living things.

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